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Rekindling Reform: Advocating for Health and Social Justice
Rekindling Reform, a non-profit entity, was founded in 2000. From the start, Rekindling Reform has aimed to encourage debate and discussion on how our country can best provide affordable health care for all. More recently, we have come to realize how intimately success in that quest is tied to the struggle to preserve and strengthen the nation's existing social insurance programs, Social Security and Medicare, the vital social protection programs Medicaid and SNAP/food-stamps, and also other public programs that aim to extend social justice.

We began our work in 2002 An early achievement was our collaboration in providing much of the content for the January 2003 special issue of the American Journal of Public Health (Vol. 93, No. 1, pp. 115-117). That issue surveyed the national health care systems of a number of countries with advanced industrial economies. The issue included the Rekindling Reform Statement of Principles, the bedrock of our vision as to how American health care should be reconstructed:
  1. Universal and equitable coverage for all.
  2. Comprehensive benefits and quality health care providing a full range of services effective in preventing illness and improving health.
  3. Affordable costs and equitable financing.
  4. Administrative simplicity and sensibly organized work.
  5. Accountability to the public that is to be served and to the service providers.
  6. A strong public health system.

From the start, we have joined in efforts to promote better, more affordable and more accessible health care for all. More recently we have become alarmed at the growth of initiatives by reactionary forces to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, privatize Medicare and reduce the benefits of Social Security.

Beginning in 2012, we helped create the No Bad Grand Bargain Network and we continue helping to advance its important goals. Rekindling Reform invites members of other organizations to become part of the NBGB Network and thus to help protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP and our country's other social programs.

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